Monday, February 14, 2011

The Etiquette of Black

The Etiquette of Black:
The etiquette of black  is to be used by those who dwell in shadows.
The etiquette of black is as it is said, a mystery.
And the first rule is never, under any circumstances, question the mystery.
Let it writhe and grow, live in it, accept it, but do NOT enlighten it.
Never refer to light as “safe”. Light burns and it hates.
Only in the dark are you completely safe, so do not deny it.
Remember: you have the right of free silence. Speak not to who you do not wish.
The life of black is a choice, walk with it as though it were a raven upon you shoulder.
Any who question this are not worthy of your concern.
There can never be too much black. Ever.
Silence is beautiful, only in what is not said can there be true truth.
“Silhouette” only means you were brave enough to stand in the light and keep your dark.
Beauty is nothing in absolute darkness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up.
Spiders are not for any reason to be squished.
Don’t feed the monsters, they bite.
Your home is your imagination, your land is your pencil.
Always listen to the voices in your head.
And the last thing to remember is this: every person has a shadow, a deep pool of black.
Do not deny yours, let it fester and bloom.

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